FCC to repeal Net Neutrality – this may change the World

The Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back U.S. laws designed to ensure a free and open internet, a controversial but expected decision that critics say hands control of web traffic to a small number of billion-dollar companies.The five-member panel voted three votes to two to roll back rules implemented in 2015 under then-president Barack Obama aimed at ensuring internet service providers have to treat all data equally along their networks, a principle known as net neutrality. 

Unlike Canada’s CRTC or the European legislation Authorities, the FCC is a much more highly politicized body, where members vote along party lines and the makeup of the commission tends to change with every new administration. This might be very dangerous in this disruptive times.

The concequences wil be positive and negative at once.  This will allow to slow down critical content of propaganda or illegal net-industry, on the other hand the vote marks a victory for internet service providers like AT&T Inc, Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc. who had fought against net neutrality rules in the first place and will receive a unprecedented control over the Internet.

So, welcome in the new era of information flow.


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