Of the Orphans and Cunts

(Russian Reflexive Control Techniques)

by Alex Alvarova

The impetus for the following essay was provided by Steve Bannon, his recent trip to Prague and his under-the-radar meeting with Milos Zeman, the wholeheartedly pro-Russian president of the Czech Republic. The writer is the author of The Industry of Lies, a successful Czech non-fiction work on Russian propaganda published in December of 2017. The book’s core precept is that the sum total of the so-called meddling strategies and events surrounding the 2016 US presidential election was devised, tested and perfected in the Czech Republic, during the 2013 Czech presidential election campaign. The author is a political-marketing professional and a recognized authority in the field. In her book she examines uncanny similarities between individual methods and spin tactics the Kremlin had first tested in the Czech Republic and deployed later in the United States. The writer develops and substantiates a central idea that, because of its close social-demographic similarities with the US Southern states, the Czech Republic has been and continues to be a Russian hybrid-war lab and testing ground. read more

  • picture from the main Twitter account of the Press Secretary of the Czech President Zeman

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