19. 11. 2018

FCC to repeal Net Neutrality – this may change the World

The Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back U.S. laws designed to ensure a free and open internet, a controversial but expected decision that critics say […]
29. 11. 2018

Trends in Cyberatacks

The Biggest Trends in Cyberattacks Interesting stuff about cyber security. So what are IT professionals worried about? These are the biggest trends in cyberattacks.  
1. 12. 2018

Laura Galante: How (and why) Russia hacked the US election

Hacking, fake news, information bubbles … all these and more have become part of the vernacular in recent years. But as cyberspace analyst Laura Galante describes […]
2. 12. 2018

Of the Orphans and C*nts

(Russian Reflexive Control Techniques) by Alex Alvarova The impetus for the following essay was provided by Steve Bannon, his recent trip to Prague and his under-the-radar […]