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Feeding the Demons: The Conquerors of America by Alex Alvarova

The book Feeding The Demons: The conquerors of America is already the second work by the author, who has been dealing with the theme of political marketing and communication already for 15 years. Although the author’s first non-fiction work called The Industry of Lies, dedicated to the rise of Russian propaganda in Central Europe found great success among the Czech public, the author herself was not satisfied with the “impact“ of her message. The author is a sought-after media guest on this theme and herself organizes a lecture tour around the Czech Republic twice a year, on the impact of modern propaganda. In the course of her lectures however, she noticed that her topic was taken up by the more educated sector of the population who was interested in delving more deeply into politics. The author however – just like every marketer –had the ambition to have an impact as well on that portion of the population which neither knows nor follows the professional debate on information warfare. And therefore, it was decided to change the genre. Her second book is an exciting thriller, which tells the story of a talented propagandist, his rise and fall until hitting rock bottom.

The main protagonist of the book is Scott Brennan, who seems to be a spitting image of Steve Bannon's life story. Most of the other characters are inspired by real existing actors, who directly influenced the 2016 American elections and were directly involved. In addition, the story features some real characters, such as Vladimir Putin or two real chiefs of the Russian General Staff - as well as a few completely fictional characters. A fictional figure is also the Ukrainian student Oksana, whose dark fate is a metaphor for Russia's treatment of Ukraine and Ukrainian bravery and refusal to submission.


The Industry of Lies by Alex Alvarova

In 2013 an openly pro-Russian candidate was elected President of the Czech Republic, a country with no love lost for Russia. The election-result earthquake set off a series of aftershocks that continue to rumble across the Czech political and social landscape.

The Czech Republic, whose respected 1989 Velvet Revolution brought a democratic transfer of power from communist dictatorship to Westernstyle democracy, is now a land split into two opposing sides. As a result, one hostile population segment glares at the other with mistrust, anger and fear across a void formerly occupied by a pragmatic and rational majority.

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