Pavel Svoboda is a laywer, former Chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament in Brussels and a European-law professor, the School of Law, Charles University of Prague

"To write about lies in an era marked by an all-out effort to destroy trust in anything and everything is a huge risk: we are so pervaded and so contaminated by sheer mistrust that even this particular book cannot escape our propensity to relativize everything. However, it would not be nearly enough only to describe the extent of the web of lies that we must negotiate each and every day. If we are to have a semblance of hope of ever seeing the light at the end of this particular dark tunnel, it is necessary to describe the inner-workings of it all and, even more importantly, why it is that we can be such an easy prey. That's an endeavor that requires a multidisciplinary approach, and the author proves that she indeed possesses the necessary aggregate expertise in political science, IT, marketing, and psychology."

Karel Řehka, Lieutenant General, Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces

"Hybrid warfare and its crucial information component have become a major national security challenge for today’s western world. There is no solution to it without understanding the problem first. The Industry of Lies provides a unique perspective from a political marketing specialist’s point of view. It is an exciting read contributing to understanding the problem and therefore to our national security. If you strive to understand the warfare in the information age you want to read this!”

Alexandr Mitrofanov, Czech journalist and the recipient of the Karel Havlicek Borovsky and Ferdinand Peroutka Prizes for journalism

"I give all new reads about five minutes to see if I am going to continue reading or just give up and quit. I'd say that I tend to quit about 90 percent of the time. I couldn't put The Industry of Lies down and read it in one sitting. And I simply reveled in these few gems:

  • Nowadays, all it takes is to shout: 'Close the borders!' really loud, and even a belligerent village idiot suddenly turns into a politician.'
  • Marketers love the ignorant, but they love best the one with a really huge chip on the shoulder.
  • The issue here is the targeted grooming of all those narrow-minded, braggart fools proud of their own limitations who, come nightfall, startle up in holy terror should a foreign migrant happen to invade their dreams."

Petr Kolář, former Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States (2006 - 2010) and Russia (2010 - 2012)

"If you really want to understand how and why our society is so easily manipulated, why doubt-casting morality and truth is such an effective propaganda tool, how different conspiracy theories, fake news and misinformation are created and how they work, you need to read this book. It is a fascinating read, a thrilling war-correspondent's account from a hybrid-war battlefield and a nonfiction work that may in time provide healing and a measure of prevention as an effective vaccine against our own sense of insecurity, confusion, fear, and ignorance."

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