Feeding The Demons: The Conquerors of America

The suicide of the West is based on algorithms
9. 12. 2021

Feeding The Demons: The Conquerors of America

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No, this book is not about Trump. And no, the story of the conquest of America didn’t start in 2016. The long history of the fall begins in 1995 in a shabby brothel in the outskirts of the most beautiful European city – Prague. It all started on a summit of Russian-speaking gangs in the small restaurant with a massage parlour inside. The FBI and Czech police set up a large raid to arrest the “brainy boss” Borya Kustich. But lo and behold…

…Borya, capo di tutti capi, didn’t show up. Someone spilled. All the other bosses got arrested, so Borya could take over their newly developed criminal territories in New York and Miami. Fast forward 20 years later, Borya will become the most powerful man who can afford the Big Tech propaganda machine and change the world.
To achieve his goal, he needs the services of the most talented propaganda wizard Scott Brennan, who knows how to play with America’s hidden demons.

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