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Feeding The Demons: The Conquerors of America

More info No, this book is not about Trump. And no, the story of the conquest of America didn’t start in 2016. The long history of […]

The suicide of the West is based on algorithms

We are in the 1610 in Europe. In a small country church, one of the wealthier peasants suddenly stands up during the sermon: “This is bollocks! […]

NATO CANADA with Alexandra Alvarova -2020

June 3, 2020 NATO CANADA latest event with Alexandra Alvarova highlighted the importance of evaluating the content we are consuming daily in terms of disinformation and […]

Afternoon Tea: Battlefields of the Mind – Propaganda & Fake News

On October 8th, 2019 British Chamber of Commerce hosted Alexandra Alvarová for a networking session and discussion on ‘Battlefields of the Mind – Propaganda & Fake […]

Digital Democracies Conference Vancouver, May 2019

Digital Democracies Conference Led by Canada 150 Research Chair Dr Wendy Chun, the Digital Democracies Conference brought internationally renowned experts in Ethics and Artificial Intelligence, Digital […]

Disinformation and Reflexive Control: The New Cold War

Nearly four months after the election, US policymakers and political researchers remain puzzled by Russia’s potential involvement and the impact of “fake news” and other forms […]

Media and extremism

How the Media Helped Legitimize Extremism A new study, by a respected scholar on internet culture, winds up a penetrating indictment of journalism’s internal inconsistencies. A […]

Handbook of Russian Information Warfare

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