• 544–496 BCArt of war | Sun-tsu, Sun-Bin

    Sun Bin's Art of War is an ancient Chinese classic work on military strategy written by Sun Bin, an alleged descendant of Sun Tzu who served as a military strategist in the Qi state during the Warring States period. According to historical records from the Han Dynasty, Sun Bin's Art of War contained an extensive 89 chapters, with four volumes of pictures attached, but was lost by the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. As a consequence, Sun Bin's Art of War is sometimes conflated with Sun Tzu's The Art of War.
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  • 1839Astolph de Coustine visit Russia

    Letters from Russia reveal russian ambivalent
    relation to facts perception and reality.
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  • 1903The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion is an antisemitic fabricated text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination.
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  • 1917Bolshevik’s revolution in Russia, foundation of AGITPROP

    The term originated in Soviet Russia as a shortened name for the Department for Agitation and Propaganda (отдел агитации и пропаганды, otdel agitatsii i propagandy), which was part of the central and regional committees of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
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  • 1918-1935Rosta posters

    Graphical political messages from the Soviet Union, engagement of best soviet artists, painters, moviemakers and and writers.
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  • 1919The ABC of Communism

    (Russian: Азбука коммунизма Azbuka Kommunizma) is a book written by Nikolai Bukharin and Yevgeni Preobrazhensky written to convince the proletariat of Russia to support the Bolsheviks, it became "an elementary textbook of communist knowledge".
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  • 1926The Great Soviet Encyclopedia identifies the following functions of communist propaganda:

    • The link of the Communist Party with the working class and other working people
    • Incorporation of scientific socialism into the worker movements and revolutionary activities of the masses
    • Unification and organization of national divisions of the workers', communist, and democratic movements
    • Coordination of the activities of the above-mentioned movements, exchange of information and experience
    • Expression of the public opinion of the working class, working people, their needs and interests
    • Spread opposition to the bourgeois and revisionist propaganda
    • Dissemination of statistical data about socialist society (i.e., the one of a communist state).
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  • 1930–1955Soviet cinema propaganda export

  • 1968Lawrence Bittmann - defection to the United States.

    Intelligence officer specializing in disinformation for the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service.
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  • Budget of Soviet propaganda is $3.5-$4.0 billion

    The CIA estimate that the budget of Soviet propaganda abroad was between $3.5 and $4.0 billion.
  • 1992Stanislav Lunev reveales the large scale or Russian foreign propaganda investment into „peace movement“ World Peace Council.

    Stanislav Lunev (Russian: Станислав Лунев; born 1946 in Leningrad) is a former Soviet military officer, the highest-ranking GRU officer to defect from Russia to the United States, reveales the large scale or Russian foreign propaganda investment into „peace movement“ World Peace Council. World Federation of Trade Unions, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, and the International Union of Students. Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization, Christian Peace Conference, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, International Federation of Resistance Movements, International Institute for Peace, International Organization of Journalists, Women's International Democratic Federation and World Federation of Scientific Workers.
  • 1995Oleg D. Kalugin, a former KGB general describes all the so called Active Measures and Reflexive Control as

    ...not intelligence collection, but subversion: active measures to weaken the west, to drive wedges in the western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs.”
  • 1917-2016Overview of Graphic design of Russian Propaganda in eastern Europe